Who is Little Beaux?

Little Beaux Boutique is a casual and semi-formal childrenswear brand providing breathable yet elegant apparel for occasions that matter.


First, A little disclaimer: We are NOT your everyday basic childrens-wear brand!

We're dedicated to giving you the best of children’s apparel, with a focus on excellent competitive pricing, customer loyalty and top notch customer service.

Little Beaux Boutique will meet the expectations with each passing day making sure that your children witness an extraordinary experience as soon as they start the day.

We know you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. So welcome to Little Beaux Boutique where every kid’s fun classy life starts HERE!


Our mission is to help 'our' children express their venturous souls through the use of their wardrobe. We also strive to eliminate the difficulty of finding those eye-catching pieces for children when any special occasion may arise.